CPS issue...maybe

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 12 04:57:04 EDT 2007

My first guess would be that you melted something that caused a small/large vacuum leak.  An open system would cause the car to gradually die and not restart as your mention, or blown turbo hose.  If the heat was on the side of your engine not sure how the CPS died.  Pay the tow and get the car to an I 5 specialist, which these days is not a dealer.  I'd put the CPS on a credit card so when it doesn't work as they say, you don't have to pay.  Sold my second 200 20v  avant about the time you bought your and between the 2 and 150K miles never ran across you symptoms. If  a plugged cat should be esy to diagnose/fix.
good luck. 
From: "Sean Coriaty" <sean.coriaty at gmail.com>Subject: CPS issue...maybe Obtained my second 200q20v avant last month; 207k miles, paid 4k. Pearl onblack sport, nice shape cosmetically.Screaming clutch TO bearing held up during the 1k mile drive to NH from MI.Week or two after short commuting, seemed to be running rich (20 MPG,occasional fuel smell).Changed oil, hit the highway, WOT from the toll booth then sudden loss ofpower.Kept running under very low power for several seconds. Tried giving it moregas with little effect; noticed boost readout was erratic- eg, 1.6 then 0.4then1.7 then 0.2 all within a second or two. Pulled over, it stalled. Would turnover but no start. Popped hood, noticed exhaust manifold was glowing redhot...in daylight.
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