Ignition switch problems

Eric Huppert ehuppert at hvc.rr.com
Thu Apr 12 07:53:43 EDT 2007


I also went through the ignition switch blues last year... Thought I did a
detailed wrap up, but can't find it!

Tail section: Per my parts guy and my experience. Very rarely will you get a
tail shaft that can be swapped. Didn't work for me as the hole for the roll
pin didn't match up "height wise"

Ignition tumblers: Mine didn't have the roll pin to swap out the tumblers,
ended up taking it to a locksmith and spending $30 to have my tumblers put
in. He had to cut the collar off and had the "Audi" kit to assemble

And lastly, most likely the thing that caused the breakage is the electronic
portion of the ign switch. If you look at the front of the switch you'll
most likely see that the plastic collar has split due to internal spring
failure. Replace with a OE quality switch or you may be doing it again!

Steering collar: After numerous re-tightening, pounding, seating the wedge I
ended up removing the IC and drilling a small into support, then insert
small screw. Still tight!!!!

Have fun!


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