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Fri Apr 13 21:06:09 EDT 2007

Hi David, my problem was caused by a shop changing a timing belt.   Picked 
the car up after the job, noticed it had no power or boost.  They  called me the 
next day and said that the key (which was cast into the pulley,  not a 
separate piece), had broken off and all my exhaust valves were toast from  hitting 
the pistons.  So at 270k on the clock and a strong right to the  point 
discussion between me and the shop foreman, they paid for a valve job and  new pulley. 
With a guarantee from the shop stating that if the crank did not  hold they 
would again pay for the fix or buy the car from me.
You could see where the idiot had hammered on the pulley.  The crank  was a 
little chewed up but not terrible. Put the new pulley on with the thicker  
lock-tight paste and it was still good.
I sold the 5 avant to a buddy at 320k, he drove it to 360k and sold  it.
That's the best I can remember it (8 years ago).
Pete, 91 Avant (serviced by a different shop)

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