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John – list in copy as this is FAQ.


Yes – The hitch for 20VTQ is definitely different than the one for the earlier
5000/200 and the for the earlier T44 10V chassis and exhaust setup WILL NOT
WORK.  The ’91 20V and V8 have not only a different exhaust configuration,
also the distance between chassis rail is wider by about ¾”.  So you’ll
definitely need the DaLan hitch for the ’91 20V Turbo Quattro.


Installation is easiest if you pull the bumper off – don’t waste time by
working around it.  Installation is pretty much the same as on earlier
5000/200.  You’ll need to cutoff the rear tow hook.  Plan for lots of metal
dust and cursing, a lot of Sawsall blades – get the best ones you can for
metal cutting and also cutoff wheels if you have air tools and make sure to
use safety glasses.  This tow hook must be made of titanium steel –
ridiculously tough German Over-Engineering!  Once you have the hitch receiver
installed, that will serve as the tow hook.  


Plan for permanent install and use lots of rust preventative paint where the
installation is going and in/around the cut and drilled areas.  Installation
takes the better part of a day with proper tools.  Make sure you have a copy
of the instructions which should be available on the Hitch-Web site: 



You’ll use a jack or two to lift the hitch in place while snaking the round
clamps through – or you’ll need a strong and patient partner to help.


BTDT at least 3X – Cheers!





More info below/see:






Adding a trailer hitch http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/accessory.html

Da'Lan in Leominster, Massachusetts makes a trailer hitch that will fit our
cars, but requires cutting off one of the safety tow loops and some drilling


Wiring the trailer lights

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:17:53 -0500 
From: "Swann, Benjamin R. <BSWANN-at-arinc.com> 
Subject: Trailer wiring converter - 5KQT. 

Thought I'd contribute a tidbit since I just finished wiring the wagon for a

Brought a Five to Four wire converter to hookup the trailer. 

Won't get into any soldering debates here, but I don't particularly like those
little crimp things they supply. 

Anyway, all the wires were 1 mil, except for the tail lights which had several
.5 mil coming out of the light control unit.  I Guess AUDI splits the load up
by supplying the driving lights individually. 

I know from prevous experience wiring trailers and cars that this small gauge
wire will not supply enough current to the trailer to run continuous driving
lights.  I suspect there may be burned harnesses from trying to do this in
others if they did, or blown fuses if lucky. 

Anyway, I ran a 12 guage multi strand wire($.09/ft at Home Depot) from the
Battery + from under the seat to the left rear where I'm tapping into the
wires in left taillight harness.  Ran this inside of a plastic wire protection
sleeve as an added measure so it won't chafe and short. 

Relayed the 12 Guage positive to terminal 30 on Bosch light relay through to
the tailight converter wire for the running tail lights. 

I used one of the .5 mil wire as the relay control (relay terminal 85), other
side (86) to ground. 

This worked great, nice bright light to the trailer lights, no risk of burning
out car wiring. 

I'm tempted to relay the turn signal and stop lights as well for nice bright
lights overall to the trailer. 

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