emissions debacle (need a new tranny)

Jeremiah Curry jercurry at comcast.net
Sat Apr 14 12:24:51 EDT 2007

About three weeks ago I took my 1991 200 20v in to have the yearly emissions
done.  As was waiting for the them to finish, I looked out the window and
they had my car with the front tires on the dyno and the back tires chocked
and they had just started it and were trying to measure the emissions at
speed.  I yelled at the lady in the office "what is he doing?, my car is All
Wheel drive"  She shrugged and said "I don't know ask him" so I ran into the
shop where he was still revving the engine in first gear trying to figure
out why the car was hopping and feeling weird.  Once I told him it was all
wheel drive he was like "oh really, I looked for the rear drivelines and
couldn't see them.  I mentioned that it said quattro on the grill and in the
model name on the paperwork and he said "sorry"
Long Story short, they went to pull the car out of the stall and it was
bucking and making horrible noise.  I talked to their management and they
rented me a car (Chevy Equinox, then Chevy HHR) and towed my car to my
mechanic.  He has had the car for three weeks. He replaced the rear diff and
cv joints and said it was much improved, but there was still something
wrong.  He thinks it is the transmission and is trying to find one.
Moral of the story, never assume and be sure to mention that your car is
all-wheel drive to the monkey-boy at the emissions shop.  I hear of another
place in town that did the same thing, but instead of chocking the wheels
they just chained the car, and it went through the wall.

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