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I  ordered the Bosch F5DP0R plugs and the Bosch 
09268 wires that Autohaus Az  listed for the 3B engine.  When I went to 
install the wires, they  were noticeably shorter than the wires that I 
was removing.  I didn't  have time to test fit the new wires, so I threw 
the old wires back on for  the time being.  Will I have a problem with 
these wires?  Did I  get the wrong wires?  Should I return them and order 
a different set  from a different place?  Any help would be greatly 

 I recently installed the same set of wires on my 3B engine. I didn't  have a 
problem with the wires other than the coil wire was a bit shorter, but  
nothing that prevented installation. Did you put each wire side by side for  
comparison? I was careful to get the new wires in the routing looms as they  were 

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