injector questions

Patrick Anderson patrick.anderson1 at
Wed Apr 18 00:11:41 EDT 2007

3B flow more than the AAN injectors. I don't have the exact numbers but do 
know that the 3B actually flow more than AAN injectors. This is the reason 
that 3B motors w/ RS2 goodies can stick w/ stock injectors while it is 
recommended that the AAN guys w/ RS2 goodied need to upgrade to RS2 or 
comparable injectors.

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> Someone posted either on this list or another list
> that the injectors from the AAN engine have 3 holes as
> opposed to the single hole on the 3b injectors.
> Wondering if the 3 hole variety would provide any
> advantages in fuel atomization.
> Seems like the AAN injectors might be a worthwhile
> replacement as long as the rated flow is the same.
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