CPS issue...update

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 18:22:30 EDT 2007

Northern European Automotive in Concord, NH diagnosed the following: 1)
Broken flywheel pin; and 2) Distributor "full of oil".
NEA will replace those parts (and install a new clutch kit and e-brake
cables), get it running, then see if the exhaust manifold still glows.
Guessing it is possible that the stealer broke the pin off the flywheel,
since they were in that area when they incorrectly diagnosed the CPS to be
the no-start problem.  But unfortunately I have no way to prove it true or
Yes, Bernie, this will break the bank.  Not all of us have the luxuries
of time and location to do major auto repairs.
Sean in NH
'91 avant

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