CPS issue...update

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 21:37:33 EDT 2007

Yes, Kent, you saw her atop Force 5's flatbed.  She might be pretty, but
she's very needy.  Did you buy that avant Chris had for sale?
Brett- What makes you malign NEA?  The problems I had were with the
stealer...I'm counting on "Brian" at NEA to get it right.  But they aint
cheap or even fairly reasonable.  They did a clutch job on my last avant
(1100, then complained they didn't make any money), and it seemed well done-
nice rust proof fasteners on the exhaust, no obviously cut corners, clutch
operated perfectly for 25k while I had it.
Do you know something about NEA that I don't?

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