Summer tires mess up handling

the Spaeth's spaeth at
Sat Apr 21 12:51:02 EDT 2007

Our 91 TQ Avant does the same thing. I believe the same size tire. The tires
tramline to a scary degree. I have had very careful alignments done. I have
one of the Bernie style upper bars to get it all they way dialed in. We are
running H&R springs with Koni adjustable struts. There is no indication of
this with the 16" snows. It drives fine with the snow tires on it. I have
thought about dropping back to 16's for the summer. Could this be caused
more by the actual tire design than just the size of tire? I don't want to
spend that much on new tires just to have them do the same thing again. I
have tried different air pressures but it didn't seem to make much


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