Mystery Miss

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Sun Apr 22 22:56:45 EDT 2007

Hey guys,
  Just got the new 3b running and it seems to still have the same miss  that 
it's had since I got it. Thought it was gone when I first got it going but  
now it has returned. Here's what's happening.
  I can be driving along under light load and the engine will just cut  out 
briefly. It also does it when I am starting off in first gear. Sometimes it  
will do it when it's getting in to the boost. It's a fairly violent miss as if  
the fuel or spark is suddenly cutting out on all cyls at once. Car has new 
fuel  filter, fairly new plug wires, cap and rotor and new spark plugs. FPR looks 
 original but no fuel in vac line. O2 sensor looks new and is the one with 
the  factory plug on it. Fuel pump is unknown. Coil looks old. The only code I'm 
 getting is 2121 which is the idle switch. I think this got stored when I 
first  started the car with the throttle cable pulling the throttle open slightly 
so it  wasn't hitting the switch. 
Almost seems like an o2 sensor issue as it seems to happen when giving it  
the gas under light load but I don't know if that could cause this heavy of a  
miss? Anybody have any ideas on this?

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