Mystery Miss

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Apr 22 23:22:32 EDT 2007

Check or recheck your distributor timing.


On Apr 22, 2007, at 7:56 PM, CLAG500 at wrote:

> Hey guys,
>   Just got the new 3b running and it seems to still have the same  
> miss  that
> it's had since I got it. Thought it was gone when I first got it  
> going but
> now it has returned. Here's what's happening.
>   I can be driving along under light load and the engine will just  
> cut  out
> briefly. It also does it when I am starting off in first gear.  
> Sometimes it
> will do it when it's getting in to the boost. It's a fairly violent  
> miss as if
> the fuel or spark is suddenly cutting out on all cyls at once. Car  
> has new
> fuel  filter, fairly new plug wires, cap and rotor and new spark  
> plugs. FPR looks
>  original but no fuel in vac line. O2 sensor looks new and is the  
> one with
> the  factory plug on it. Fuel pump is unknown. Coil looks old. The  
> only code I'm
>  getting is 2121 which is the idle switch. I think this got stored  
> when I
> first  started the car with the throttle cable pulling the throttle  
> open slightly
> so it  wasn't hitting the switch.
> Almost seems like an o2 sensor issue as it seems to happen when  
> giving it
> the gas under light load but I don't know if that could cause this  
> heavy of a
> miss? Anybody have any ideas on this?
> thanks
> Chad
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