multimeter interpretation

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Mon Apr 23 20:22:59 EDT 2007

When I replaced the ignition reference and engine speed sensors on our V8 #1, solving the hot start problem, both the ones I took out were caked with dried-on oil and grime.  Cleaned them up and the look almost like new, so I decided to put them to the "test" in the service manual.
  With my multimeter set on 2K ohms, it reads "1.000", and when I connect to the terminals as described in the test procedures, I get .975 on the screen for the speed sender.  That's with the protective plastic sleeve on the sensor that came on the new ones I installed.  If I remove that sleeve, I get 1.003. 
  On the one that was installed in the ignition reference sender location, that's the one that creates the hot start problems, I get .992 readings with or without the sleeve.
  On a brand new sensor for a 5ktq that I bought because it's 2/3 the cost of the V8 version, I get 1.033.
  The test calls for "approximately 1K ohms" for a good sensor.
  Is .992 "bad"?  I presume the grime had the effect the sleeve does on the speed sender.

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