Strut Braces, again!

Andrew Schlueter andyschlueter at
Tue Apr 24 13:15:06 EDT 2007

Ya know, the v8's too have those strut tower braces. It is a t44 and
might be better suited for the 200's.

The tower supports look the same as the urs4/6, but have a round bar as
the brace.

Andrew W. Schlueter
'90 V8 MQuattro
'90 Jetta VR6TTQ
'87 4000cs

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Tower brackets are off of UR s4/S6. Not sure on the bar, but it does
somewhat similar to the s6 bar

This type tower brace isn't going to correct weak towers (and
camber issues), you need a "jack-bolt" on the bar that will spread
back as needed. At one point in time Chuck Pierce (lister) had made a
of the center bars, but don't believe he's made anymore. I had expressed
some interest (no funds at the time though), as had some others, but
there wasn't enough takers to warrant making any more.

I'm probably going to get the tower brackets used and have a bar made.
I need to do it soon as new tires just replaced the snows and my toe
is off a little bit due to previously replacing outer sway bar bushings
one control arm.

cheers, Eric

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