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> Subject: [audi20v] DIY PS hoses.
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>> From: Greg Galinsky <nokian at aaahawk.com>
>>> Just got done running around to different hydraulic shops to see  
>>> if a
>>> high pressure hose from an early 1990 90Q 20V could be rebuilt.  Got
>>> the issues that the dimension of the tubing was metric. Found a  
>>> place
>>> that had that solved; but with the tight bends in the tubing, there
>>> was not a long enough section of the tubing  that was straight for a
>>> fitting to be compressed on.   The problem hose was 893 422 893K.
>>> Found none of the usual vendors that I deal with to have it
>>> available.  Had to bite the bullit and order from dealer; list of  
>>> $243.
> The cheaper alternative is to buy Aeroquip reuseable hose end  
> fittings and
> the correct length of hose to fit and make your own, using the Audi  
> hose end
> tubing from the old hose.  The specific hose end style is called
> "Lifesaver", AE part 190000-size, and it has a weld socket into  
> which the
> Audi hose end tube is silver soldered, brazed or welded.  The Audi  
> hose end
> is cut off just above the hose crimp and the full metal tubing ends  
> are thus
> attached to the reuseable fittings and then the hose is attached to  
> the
> fittings.  BTDT on my 200-20V using one each #190000-5-6S and one  
> -6S (the
> Audi tubing was a different size on each end) and 25" of AE  
> FC300-06RL hose.
> Total cost $23.30
> Bernie
>>> Good luck
>>> Greg Galinsky
>>> G & G Service
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