Mystery Miss No More!!

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You may be fine for a while.  You're test isn't as valid as you might  
think.  Even if the ohms read properly when cold, when these things  
get flakey, it's usually when they hit operating temperature --  
proably about when you felt it missing.  The good thing is they are  
relatively abundant and cheaper than the V8 ones and less prone to  
failure IME.  Glad the swap worked for you!


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> Date: April 26, 2007 7:31:50 PM GMT-04:00
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> Subject: Mystery Miss No More!!
> Hey Guys,
>     OK those who replied that it was something to do with  the RPM  
> sensor on
> the flywheel were 100% correct.
>     To resolve the issue I first cleared the 2121 (idle  switch)  
> code which I
> was pretty sure was from having the throttle cable in a  bind.  
> Drove the car
> and got it to miss a few times. Code 2111 shows up. Hmmm I  had  
> that code
> before the car was chipped and before I had the engine  troubles.
>   I took the sensor out to examine the wire for  breaks. It  looked  
> OK so I
> wiped it off and put it back in. Car ran so bad that it was  un- 
> driveable. Took
> the sensor out again and cleaned it with brakeclean and blew  the  
> base off
> with compressed air. Car went back to drivable but missing (been   
> taking the
> other car to work though).
>   Somebody on another forum suggested swapping the sensors to see  
> if  the
> problem turned in to a no-start to determine if I indeed had a bad  
> sensor. I
> removed both of the sensors tonight and took the base out and used  
> a file  to
> true up both sides of it. I swapped the sensors and the miss is  
> completely  gone
> now for the first time since I got the car.
>  The RPM sensor looked brand new so I'm assuming the previous  
> owner  had the
> same problem. In the Bentley it says that if the RPM sensor is  
> greater  than
> 1.24 mm then a miss can occur. I wonder if I just corrected a  
> clearance  issue
> and there is nothing wrong with the RPM sensor other than is seems  
> happier
> reading the flywheel pin instead of the teeth.
>  I guess I'll know what it is if I get a no start condition but  
> for  now
> everything seems great and I'm not going to mess with it! Thanks  
> for all of  those
> who replied and those who led me in this direction.
> Chad
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