CPS Issue...Update

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 17:59:10 EDT 2007

To recap: 200 20v with bad clutch and TO bearing but running well.
Accelerated at WOT, suddenly lost power, pulled over, stalled, no start.
Audi dealer diagnosed crankshaft position sensor (reads flywheel pin) was
bad and replaced it for $500.  Car still wouldn't start (they guaranteed it
would), so I paid nothing and sent it to Northern European Automotive
(NEA) in Concord, NH.
Turns out, the Audi tech was right: the CPS sensor wasn't putting out a
signal.  But it wasn't due to a faulty CPS as they assumed- it was due to
the pin having broken off the flywheel.
It appears that the clutch TO bearing and probably the clutch too finally
disintegrated, proably throwing shrapnel.  This broke the pin off the
flywheel, resulting in no CPS data to the ECU, which resulted in no power,
stall, and a no-start condition.  Somehow (might be a topic of debate), this
also led to a red hot glowing exhaust manifold.
NEA replaced the flywheel with a used one (apparently, they are NLA from
Audi), replaced the clutch with an OEM kit, replaced the distributor that
had somehow filled with oil, and did a whole host of other fixes: replaced
caliper with slide bolt broken-off inside, replaced rigid and flexible brake
lines, replaced hood struts, and other minor things.  The glowing EM simply
stopped glowing.  So the lack of CPS data to ECU must have caused that to
The final cost was $2895.  This is an absolute bargain, in my opinion...I
rescind my earlier statement that "NEA is for rich Audi owners" (or
something like that).  Brian at NEA really hooked me up, and I'm thankful.
Will let you know of any problems after I put another 1k miles on it.
Sean Coriaty
'91 200q20va (200k, pearl on black sport)
'93 100csq (auto trans works...usually; stick with the standard)

PS- NEA refused to simply weld a pin on to the flywheel, saying they too
often fail, requiring another trans removal to get at it again.  Can't
imagine the weld does much for flywheel balance, either.

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