Mystery Miss No More!!

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Hey Ingo,
  I think there may have just been a clearance issue as the miss was  
occurring hot or cold and was actually most prevalent when cold. That sensor had  
been replaced by the previous owner probably in an attempt to resolve this  
issue. I'm just glad I was able to find out what was causing it. I'll keep a  close 
watch out for any hot-start issues as I've been told that is the symptom  for 
failure of the sensor on the pin which is where the previously  
malfunctioning sensor is. 
   I'm so glad the car is running good now. I installed a new  boost gauge 
last night. She's making 23lbs of nice smooth jet-like boost woo  hoo!!
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You may be fine for a while.   You're test isn't as valid as you might  
think.  Even if the  ohms read properly when cold, when these things  
get flakey, it's  usually when they hit operating temperature --  
proably about when  you felt it missing.  The good thing is they are  
relatively  abundant and cheaper than the V8 ones and less prone to  
failure  IME.  Glad the swap worked for  you!


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