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How do the prices compare to OEM?

i.e. would it be worth having classic tube do a multi unit run ?


At 07:06 AM 4/30/2007 -0500, Young, Steve wrote:

>If you can get the line off without destroying it, you can send it to
>ClassicTube, and they will bend you a perfect replacement.  I have used
>them with good results, and you can have them use SS if you want.  Just
>bend your line enough to fit it in a reasonable box for shipping, and
>mark the spots with "shipping bend".  They will do the same on the
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>I got the bad new regarding my new-to-me 200 20V Avant. Among other
>maladies preventing it from passing a state safety inspection are the
>metal brake and fuel lines that run under the car. (Gotta love salted
>I've been told the fuel line is NLA. My first thought was to run new
>fuel lines in a couple of pieces, for ease of installation. The tech
>says metal fuel lines spliced with rubber hose won't pass inspection,
>and will probably leak in a few months. My second thought was to use
>compression fittings to join the lines.
>Doable? Good idea? Bad idea?
>The brake lines I think need to be one piece (true?). I haven't priced
>OEM pieces. Has anyone made their own, using straight pipe from the
>FLAPS, bent into shape and flared at the ends?  Single flare or double?
>Can compression fittings hold up to the much higher pressure of the
>brake line?
>(Anyone want to buy a 200 TQA, cheap? :)
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