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Your friend will probably find better information by scouring the Audiworld 
A4 forum or posting on the Audifans A4 list.  Audiworld also has a fairly 
decent search function...so if it is as common a problem as you've heard 
guessing, I guarantee you'll find a lot of moaning on Audiworld. Just make 
sure to look in the forum for the correct A4 chassis.


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I used to work with these two guys and it sounds like Charlie has a baddd
problem with his car...  Anybody else heard about this and/or the resolution
(which sounds like replacing the wiring harness etc.)  And to prevent future
occurrences??  Thanks.

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Can you assist Charlie with resolving an issue related to interior water
leakage and subsequent wiring harness/computer failure on his 03 A4?  I
suggested to Charlie that you could post something on the Audi website
asking for info on this issue....apparently common with Audis and Passats.
Barrier estimate $9000 to repair!!!!!!!


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