UFO Rotors Needed

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 14:59:41 EDT 2007

Why buy new UFO rotors when you can machine the old?
1.  Safety.  While rare, rotors do fail.  UFOs have the basket connecting
the rotor to the hub mount; not sure how they attach, but if weld just
another possible fault point.
2.  Peace of mind.  New rotors bring a peace of mind that turned rotors
don't- at least to this driver.  We're talking about steel parts exposed to
16 years of earth, water, salt and perhaps the widest temp variations and
max temps of any part outside the combustion chamber and exhaust manifold.
But if those parts fail, you won't die.
4.  Economy.  The economical benefit of turning vs. replacing depends on
your sense of value.  Cost of round trip shipping plus machining runs
150-200 a pair- not much cheaper than one new UFO.
There are few parts that your life can depend on.  For this driver, those
parts will never be maintained according to the "don't fix it if it aint
broke" approach.
That said, who carries the cheapest new UFOs?  I need a pair.
Freedom, NH

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