Removing and Replacing bolt!

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Subject: Removing and Replacing bolt!

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I asked a while ago if anybody had hints for removing and replacing  

the turbo and was told there is one bolt that's difficult.  Well I've  

dug in and I'm now down to one bolt.  It's the bolt located, as  

viewed facing the engine from the passenger side, on the upper left  

hand side of the flange attaching the turbo to the exhaust manifold.   

Was able to get a 15mm open end wrench on it but couldn't get enough  

force to budge the bolt...and I think the bolt is situated in a  

manner that has the outside of the wrench hitting against the  

surrounding flange when I try to turn it.  I'm taking a quick  

breather to think on this, but in the meantime, any tool  

recommendations to get at this thing?  Couldn't get a socket or the  

closed end of an end wrench on the bolt.


Oh, and once I get all the bolts off I think I'm going to have hard  

time removing the turbo.  I've got studs that coming out of turbo  

into the downpipe, and from the manifold into the turbo.  Seems like  

that's going to make removal a touch dicey given the 90-degree offset  

on which these bolts protrude at.  Thoughts on this?


Derek P 


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