Removing and Replacing bolt!

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Sun Aug 5 12:31:19 EDT 2007

I don't know if there is any other way.  I have a set of short thin wrenches
and use these too - kind of back and for the between the various combos until
the right one is found.  If I recall, only a crows foot with extension is the
way to get that nasty bolt out.  Also,  be aware that they switch sizes on you
and I think this one is a 15mm while the other 3 are 17mm.  Could be 16 or 14,
so play with that too - Take a breather and try again.  YMMV and good luck.





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Ya, that's what I was thinking too....too bad all of my local Sears are out of
metric crows feet. I've also heard heat can really help...




On Aug 5, 2007, at 9:19 AM, Ben Swann wrote:

Crows foot and extension. 

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Subject: Removing and Replacing bolt!

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the turbo and was told there is one bolt that's difficult. Well I've 

viewed facing the engine from the passenger side, on the upper left 

Was able to get a 15mm open end wrench on it but couldn't get enough 

manner that has the outside of the wrench hitting against the 

breather to think on this, but in the meantime, any tool 

closed end of an end wrench on the bolt.

Oh, and once I get all the bolts off I think I'm going to have hard 

into the downpipe, and from the manifold into the turbo. Seems like 

on which these bolts protrude at. Thoughts on this?

Derek P



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