P & J Rose pjrose at
Tue Aug 7 11:25:52 EDT 2007

At 10:58 AM 8/7/2007, George wrote:
>Hey Phil:     I have been through that one more than once (at 307,000 miles)
>and TBV replacement does wonders. The other symptom - dying when hot - is
>more likely a gunked up throttle body.  I regularly open and clean out the
>gunk around the throttle plate. The build up prevents the plate from closing
>cleanly and the engine gets an unexpected gulp of gas and dies.
>George Sidman

I've never detected _any_ signs of "gunk" around the throttle body of 
my '91, although it's only got 160K on the odo. What kind of fuel are 
you using, George? Anyway, I would think that a problem 
with  hot-engine idling might involve the


P.S. I know you didn't mean to copy the entire digest in your reply, did. 

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