Help with timing belt[removing the shift lever]

Ben Swann benswann at
Sat Aug 18 23:18:28 EDT 2007

Yes - front end off and time to take care of much deferred maintenance.
Bentley is a good friend in this case - not necessary to follow it to the T,
but  will help keep you straight, especially if you can't find a hidden
fastener, or if this is the first time on a type 44.  Be sure to break the
harmonic balancer pulley loose before getting to far into the job - best to
use the proper tool.


Nice time to upgrade the turbo, clean ALT and starter connections, check
wiring, hoses, etc.




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I am going to change my timing belt on my 91 TQ 20V. Anything I should be

especially careful about? I've done 8V VWs and my 16V Scirocco. Does the

front actually need to come off as described? It seems that It is possible

to squeeze the job in.



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