20V Timing Belt R&R

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Sun Aug 19 22:54:41 EDT 2007

Having done t-belts on both my GTI 16v and my 200q20v, I can say there is
quite a lot different between them. The type 44 bumper does come off very
easily, then it's drop the aux rad and the intercooler crossover pipe (which
was the most uncooperative bit on mine), you can have at the v-belts and
take off the t-belt cover. Would not want to do it leaving that stuff on the
car. On the GTI, you basically take off the v-belts and then the plastic
t-belt cover is accessible - since it's a sidewinder, taking off the bumper
wouldn't really help much.

> I've done my 16V Scirocco and several 8V Vws.
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> >>John:
> >>
> >>You can replace the timing belt without removing a bumper or
> other front
> >>end
> >>components.
> >
> > You've done 5 t-belt jobs on '91 200 20V sedans??
> >
> > Regardless of hand sizeI believe --for this particular job--  there's
> > quite a large gap between "can do without" and "ought to do without"
> > (i.e., removing bumper, etc). If one's previous experience has only
> > been with 10V engines, there could be an unpleasant a surprise in
> > regard to accessibility of the t-belt when attempting the job for a
> > '91 200 20V sedan.
> >
> > Phil
> >

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