UFO Caliper Rebuild Kit?

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Mon Aug 20 18:48:00 EDT 2007

Hi Sean,

I have been rebuilding calipers for 40 years, since the Studibaker Avanti with Bendix calipers, and have never bought a repair kit, excepting once when couldn't find a boot any other way. They, new rubber parts just aren't necessary. More important is through cleaning of all parts in an overhaul.

If you want to repaint, plug the input hole and sand blast the caliper and pad carrier before disassembly. The sand will not touch/harm the rubber boots.

With a stick across the caliper ears, use compressed air to blow the piston from the caliper (w/o flying it across the room). Clean all parts well in solvent (I use mineral spirits=paint thinner). Wet polish the chrome plated piston with very fine paper, 600 grit. Paint all parts before reassembly, if that's the plan. 

I use a silicone oil in reassembly but brake fluid is OK. With a good rebuilt caliper you can move the piston with light finger pressure. I also "glue" the pads to their respective caliper piston and fingers with silicone caulk as a squeel preventative.

This is a must first priority exercise for any "new" used car, and with subsiquent biennial fluid flushes, need never be done again.


---- "S. C." <scoriaty at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Enlighten me, Mr. Benz...
> Given I continue to own cars with UFOs, I bought a used set of calipers from
> a V8.  They're ugly.  Figured I'd rebuild them (including blasting &
> painting the surface-rusted steel parts).
> What makes the UFO different from any other caliper?
> What if the boot is torn?  While these aren't torn, they're certainly
> dry-rotted and prone to tearing.
> Thanks in advance for your expertise.
> On 8/20/07, b.benz at charter.net <b.benz at charter.net> wrote:
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> > Unless you have a torn boot you don't need one.
> >
> > Bernie
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> > ---- Sean Coriaty <sean.coriaty at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Does there exist a rebuild kit for UFO calipers?
> > > Sean
> > > Freedom, NH
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