intermittent boost problem

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Mon Aug 20 21:12:17 EDT 2007

Had a similar problem with mine when the weather started warming up last  
spring.  Had a whole series of problems, water temp sensor on radiator, MTS  
sensor on block (broken wire), vacuum line on the T where the AC and ECU feed.  
and finally the TBV.  Replaced everything but the TBV in the first round  (was 
having problems with the cooling fan coming on.  That got me to 1.6 on  the 
gauge (I am chipped). Shortly after the TBV went and that brought back the  1.7 
and a very, very rare 1.8.  I had about 215k on the speedo at that  time.
Pete, 91 Avant

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