Wanna open the wincows? Open the door halfway first

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 24 18:44:59 EDT 2007

Those were my symptoms exactly:  Sunroof and driver door windows only operated with the driver door part way open.  All the way open or closed and they didn't work.
  I replaced ALL the wires in the doorjamb, so I don't know specifically which ones applied to the windows and sunroof.  You might be able to trace using the Bentley wiring diagram.  
  I can tell you MOST of the wires in the bundles were compromised when I went ahead and replaced them all.  They all had observable damage to the insulation and many had broken wires inside the insulation.  I ran new wires, one at a time, making splices inside the door and inside the cabin.  Tedius procedure, but not too difficult.  I did it with the car on jackstands so I could sit up tight in the corner between the door and doorsill.  

Steve Scalmanini <sscalmanini at yahoo.com> wrote:
  It must be BWS: Broden Whar Syndrome. Last week the front windows and 
sunroof stopped operating. I can get them to work only with the 
ignition on and the driver door open half way (but only ~ 6 inches for 
the first few days after the problem occurred; I guess it's getting worse.)

What wire(s?) inside the door should I check first? I remember this 
being talked about on this list a few years ago but I don't know by 
whom. Please reply if you know any diagnostic secrets for this problem. 


Ukiah, CA

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