Brake MC Rebuild Kits unavailable?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Fri Aug 24 22:47:02 EDT 2007

Most alloy master cylinders are not rebuildable.  I've never heard of a kit for MCs on our cars.
  Wow, Parts Connection.  Rod Ramsey disappeared suddenly a couple years ago.  Phone went dead and website closed.  Sadly missed.

"John S. Lagnese" <jlagnese at> wrote:
  Were you having the dragging brake syndrome? I have a similar mc sitting on 
the garage floor.
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Subject: Brake MC Rebuild Kits unavailable?

>I can't find a rebuild kit for my brake master cylinder. Are they not
> rebuildable or does someone know where to find one? I tried Carlsen,
> SJM, and Blau's online catalog.
> Steve
> Ukiah, CA
> PS: Is "The Parts Connection" in California out of business? '
> couldn't find them on the Web.
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