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Sun Aug 26 08:58:37 EDT 2007

right then,

I spent quite a lot of yesterday fighting with bushes.
and my BANGEN KLUNKEN - HINTERN BUSHEN SHEIßE appears to have gone away
on one side ( more on that in a mo)

The big rear arm bushes looked used but were mostly intact.
the new one was a bit of a b at stard to fit though.........

the 2 hub carrier to trapezoidal alarm bushes were similar. I think that
they were original so i changed them.
I'm not sure if i really, really needed to change them that instant, but
i had replacements and the suspension was in bits........

the front trapezoidal arm to body bushes were baked though.
In the car they didn't look to bad (no movement with pry bar / bfh) but
as soon as i undid the rest of of the arm mountings, the front bracket
started flapping about like a trout on a riverbank.
bizarrely, this was the easiest to change. To do the other side when the
bushes arrive early next week (no sir i'm sure that you ordered 2 not
four - oh that email.....).

the good news is that it looks like i will be able to change the front
arm bushes without taking the wheel off.
I'll just jack the beast up a bit  and remove the bracket.
the bushes themselves, or rather the outer metal sleeve of the bushes
that was the only bit of the bush left attached to the bracket, pinged
out with a single solid smack of small lump hammer and punch in vice.
refitting was easy and involved a vice and some large impact sockets.

the scoop for parts is ( per car)

rear trapezoidal arm to body bush -(TWO)- 4D0 511 523 C
Found in aftermarket parts shop

Trapezoidal arm to hub carrier bush - (FOUR)- 443 505 171 F
Dealer only and not cheap.

And last but not least the front arm to body bushes:
the bushes are in a bracket which changed at chassis number 44-L-125 000
before this the bracket is apparently not handed- afterwards, it is.
i think that this is because the later bushes have a front and rear as
opposed to being the same.
i do not know if the new bushes will fit in the old bracket.
the fact that there is a change implies to me that the early ones were a
bit weak.

the early bracket is 443 511 329 B and my family album lists it as
£196.62 (i assume that it comes with the bushes fitted)
this bracket takes 2 bushes (four per car) that are 443 511 247 D listed
at £12.97
at 2 dollars to the pound, no prizes for guessing what i bought.
the late bracket is 4A0 511 329 A - left and 4A0 511 330 A - Right. both
are also listed at £196.62 which leads me to believe that it is the same
bit of metal as the early version, just with different rubber.
this bracket uses one 4A0 511 247 B (two per car) at £19.08 and 4A0 511
249 (described as "8 teeth")(two per car) at £17.86. I have no idea
which is front and which is rear.

hope that helps


Geraint Lloyd wrote:
> Damn
> posted to the wrong list again......
> Geraint Lloyd wrote:
>> i have a similar problem in the 10v avant that sounds like it's coming
>> from under the back seat.
>> only used to happen over sharp bumps, but is not getting better......
>> i THINK that it is the the body to trapezoidal arm bushes.
>> the fronts seem to have bits missing and the rears seem to have gone
>> soft allowing the arm to shift forward a bit and the front bracket to
>> clatter.
>> the theory will be tested soon.
>> i have ordered the arm bushes and will post part numbers if it works
>> after fitting them some time this week
>> wish me luck
>> Geraint
>> Ben Swann wrote:
>>> I'd be interested to know what you find.  I have similar noise that came up
>>> after a few adjustments to my coilovers in the rear, but have not id'd any XS
>>> movement there or bad parts. 
>>> Ben
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>>> Hi I have picked up a banging type noise in my rear suspension mostly on the
>>> drivers side over sharp bumps. I have jacked up the car a couple of times an
>>> pried on the bushings shock mounts, rear diff mounts wheel bearings and
>>> brakes. Can not find movement or evidence of metal hitting metal. All exhaust
>>> checks good as well. Bouncing the car by pushing on the bumper when on the
>>> ground does not produce the sound and the shocks seem OK also no oil leaks
>>> around shock pistons. It is driving me nuts. The only thing else I thought I
>>> could do is put it on an alignment rack so I could get under it with normal
>>> weight on the suspension. Car has a 140,000 miles on it and is an Avant.
>>> Thanks Richard]
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