power steering fluid reservoir

George sidman at webloq.com
Sat Dec 1 13:42:47 PST 2007

A few tips from when I replaced my PS reservoir:

Cut the plastic retaining ears off the new bottle so it slides into the
holder snug. It won't go anywhere when the hoses are all attached. This
allows easy removal later. Being able to easily slide it up and pull it
loose of the holder makes it much easier to grasp it to remove hoses.

The hose off the bottle bottom curves down to a low point before heading
back up. At that low point I cut the line and installed a plastic tee, to
which I attached about 8 inches of plastic hose with a brass ball valve at
the end, hanging just proud of the chassis. You get two benefits; no more
turkey baster to drain the system, and you will notice a plug of sediment in
the new hose.  It appears all system sediment drops into the drain hose,
keeping it from circulating.

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