016 trans fill

mike claire mike.claire at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 20:06:26 PST 2007

Gents:  I visited a local indy yesterday to ask him if he'd change the trans
oil in my '91 200q20v.  The oil was only changed less than 2 years ago by
the prior owner.  I have to find the reciept, as I remember it was GL4 but I
don't remember what.

I'm in NH and with the weather turning cold the trans has a hard time
syncing 1st and 2nd.  Just getting it into 1st and reverse after a cold
start is a bit of a challenge.  It's better when it's warm.  It's a '91 200.

The local indy has a tech that swears he's put 10w30 motor oil in Audis of
this vintage with good results and no ill effects.  I have serious doubts
about this, and I asked him 3 times is he really sure that's the right thing
to do with this car.  As a test I asked him what he'd put in the hydraulic
system of my car, and he got the right answer (Pentosin 11).

What do you guys say?

I was thinking about Redline MTL, which is a synth 75w80 oil and is supposed
to be for cold weather but I don't know that it's a good idea to run it in
an 016.  I was also thinking about draining a little out of the case and
just adding some Militec additive.



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