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PeterBergin at aol.com PeterBergin at aol.com
Sun Dec 2 10:15:38 PST 2007

Mike, my scenario went like this.  Had a clutch job at 160k (throw out  
bearing went fast).  3 Months later got hard shifting, mostly 1st,2nd, and  
reverse. Replace clutch master and slave, good to 210k.  Had a tranny mount  go at 
215k,(probably bad for awhile) shifted OK, but had rattle under car  (exhaust 
hitting something).  Shortly after, all at once could not get 5th  or reverse, 
shifted hard in other gears. Made an appointment at Anderson Motor  Sports 
(great Audi shop, owner drives a 91 Avant). The day before I drove it in,  car 
started shifting normally.  They found a bent linkage fork and put one  in from a 
donor car. The fork may have bent from driving and shifting under  load with 
the bad tranny mount, no way to know for sure. Now at 225k, car  drives the 
same as when I bought it 7 years ago with 65k.
I changed tranny fluid at 90k (redline) and at 200k.  I do add seal  
conditioner/oil stop leak (snake oil) to all fluids, between boats cars and  cycles, 
some of them quite old, nothing leaks.
That's my lengthy 2 cents.
However if I had a tranny grinding and knew it had 10/30 motor oil it for  
awhile,  I would be worried.
Good Luck.

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