[audi20v] 20vt Vacuum hose question

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Dec 6 07:19:38 PST 2007

There is a barbed fitting on the top of the wastegate on the 200q20v that is
merely a vent (providing pressure relief for the wastegate diaphragm that
would otherwise be compressing the air in a closed chamber when it moved)
and not supposed to have any hose connected in this application. I think
every new-to-me 200q20v owner looks at that for the first time and says "oh
great, I'm missing a freakin hose here, stupid PO". I was reassured by my
inspection mechanic who used to work on them at the dealership. If the dash
boost gauge (not that it's to be trusted with precision readings in general)
indicates anything above 1.4 at WOT in higher gears, you're probably not
actually missing a hose. The WGFV is down behind the passenger headlight.
See http://sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/trouble.html, I can't find a
picture right now but I seem to recall one there somewhere.

Welcome to the club!

'91 200q20v since '97/78k, now 123k?, pump->rack hose and bomb finally in,
next up: distributor
'88 GTI 16v since '94/100k, now 256k, new-to-me Hakka2s, studded, not narrow
but not over-tall like the Hak1s

> Mike,
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> copied above. Join up!
> Bernie
> On Dec 5, 2007, at 10:09 PM, Mike Teter wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Well, call me a glutton, but I picked up two more 20v cars in the
> > last month, so now I have three 20v cars. Both needed fuel pumps to
> > get going reliably but are otherwise road ready. The cars are both
> > '91s, one a black CQ with tan interior and the other a navy blue
> > 200tq with gray leather. What are the odds of two cars both needing
> > fuel pumps? Could it have been something done, or not done, by the
> > previous owner (the cars were both owned by the same person)? Seems
> > odd to me.
> >
> > My issue today is that I think the turbo car is missing vacuum hose
> > that connects to the top of the wastegate. It's the hose that
> > connects to the small diameter barbed fitting that I think goes to
> > the wastegate solenoid valve which I cannot locate. Can someone out
> > there shoot me a picture showing the routing of the hose to this
> > valve?

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