Something's burning, and I think it's ...

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Sat Dec 8 13:04:40 PST 2007

On Dec 8, 2007, at 3:17 PM, Kent McLean wrote:

> ... my '91 200 20V Avant, the Mica Blue one. :( Sorry Peter.
> I was headed north on I-93 in NH. I had just passed through the  
> Hooksett
> toll when I notices wafts of smoke out the rear of the car.  Then I
> noticed it up front. "Coolant leak" I thought.  I made my way over to
> the right lane. The smoke got heavier. As I pulled into the State  
> Liquor
> Store parking lot, smoke was in the cabin. As I parked and exited the
> car, flames were shooting out from under the hood.

DOH :(

Glad you're okay.  You seem to have the worst luck with car fires...

Please keep us posted on what you find, as far as where it may have  
originated from...


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