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Sat Dec 8 16:54:29 PST 2007

Did you have an extinguisher in the car?  I had a fire in one of my
vehicles this past summer, and from now on I carry and extinguisher. 
Sometimes (and this might have been one of those cases) it's not enough. 
Sorry for the loss.

On Sat, 08 Dec 2007 19:39:50 -0500, Kent McLean <kentmclean at>
> Brett Dikeman wrote:
>> Please keep us posted on what you find, as far as where it may have
>> originated from...
> According to the fireman, the fire destroyed any obvious evidence of
> where it may have started. And since there was no insurance to be
> claimed on the car, it wasn't set for insurance fraud, so they just
> marked it down due to mechanical fault.
> The only thing I can think of is that a month or so ago I put a pressure
> gauge in the fuel line at the rail, to see if I was losing fuel pressure
> over night, causing the hard starting.  My W.A.G. would be that the
> gauge failed (less likely) or the hose clamps loosened (more likely, but
> they were the good ones meant for fuel injection, along with the good
> fuel injection hose), letting a small fuel leak hit something hot, which
> went Poof! An electrical short starting a fire is also a possibility,
> but I'd put that as even less likely.
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