Something's burning, and I think it's ...

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Dec 9 12:47:24 PST 2007


For what it's worth, I recently purchased a 99 A4, Silver/Black, V6,  
sport package, now with 70k.  I almost wish I'd held out for the 4- 
cylinder for the better mileage, but otherwise it's a peach of a car.

While I miss the power of the 200, the A4 is an altogether more fun  
driving experience.  Apart from having to replace the power lock pump  
(impeller shattered, common problem) and fixing a couple of small  
niggling things left from the previous owner, it's been a really  
solid car.  It's nice for a change to have a car without 25-small  
problems staring me down day in and day out.

Just my 2-cents, and sorry to hear about the loss.  I am however glad  
the only damage from the fire was to the vehicle.

Best of luck,

Derek P

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> LL - NY wrote:
>> Sorry for your loss, man. I guess you need to stick by C4's, you seem
>> to have better luck with them vs. type 44s.
> That thought went through my head, too.
> Maybe a Cabrio, to keep things fun, although I'd be giving up  
> quattro to
> get one within my price range.
> Maybe I'll bite the bullet and move up 2 generations to an A4.  
> Googling
> Craigslist I found a nice '99 A4 Avant mit Tip that I could swing. And
> my local crack dealer has a '98 A4 in a very nice silver and black.
> I could go totally insane and search for a cheap A8.
> Or maybe I should do the sensible thing and move down to a Honda or
> Toyota.
> Time to shop. Time to decide.
> -- 
> Kent McLean
> '91 200 TQA #1, not for sale (not yet)
> '94 100 S Avant, "Moody" becoming "Old Faithful"
> '91 200 TQA #2, up in smoke 2
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy", up in smoke

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