Something's burning, and I think it's ...

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sun Dec 9 12:49:53 PST 2007

HHMMM, second 200 20V avant gone in fire this year.  Corey J here in Maine was ferrying a client home when a waft came up from the drivers lower dash area, pulled over and in less than 10 minutes burned to the ground.  Melted bumper frames, nothing left of the interior, firewall forward not too bad, but still a mystery.
Subject: Re: Something's burning, and I think it's ...To: Quattro List <quattro at>, 200 20v List According to the fireman, the fire destroyed any obvious evidence ofwhere it may have started. And since there was no insurance to beclaimed on the car, it wasn't set for insurance fraud, so they justmarked it down due to mechanical fault. The only thing I can think of is that a month or so ago I put a pressuregauge in the fuel line at the rail, to see if I was losing fuel pressureover night, causing the hard starting. My W.A.G. would be that thegauge failed (less likely) or the hose clamps loosened (more likely, butthey were the good ones meant for fuel injection, along with the goodfuel injection hose), letting a small fuel leak hit something hot, whichwent Poof! An electrical short starting a fire is also a possibility,but I'd put that as even less likely. 
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