Euro headlight bulbs

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Wed Dec 12 13:05:14 PST 2007

Got some 100/160 H4s and 100w H1s in mine.

Relayed of course

I have the same in the golf (100/160w) H4s and have no real issue with life.

I end up paying about 7 quid a bulb and have had the current set in for 2
years. The last set was 3 years old and failed when best beloved impaled the
golf in the back of a Tarus. Fair play that they broke if you ask me........

So if you say 3 years out of a silly, then the annual bulb budget is about 5
pounds or 10 bucks a year, per car, which is way less than the monthly beer

Just avoid those PIAA multi-million dollar H4s (not even discharge)'cos
there seems to be no real benefit


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I am pretty sure I am running 80/100w. It has been some time since I had
to replace. However, I have relays. I would NOT run that wattage without
relays. I will see if I can find the box they came in. From memory, some
PIAA super white, or something like that.
91 200tqa

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