Euro Headlight bulbs, now distributor

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Dec 12 18:34:30 PST 2007

> > What special tools do you feel that you need for distributor removal
> > and replacement?
> >
> > Bernie

Not that I need "special" tools, I just don't have a whole lot of
extensions/adapters on hand at my house since I do complex jobs (TB, heater
core, etc.) at a buddy's shop. Specifically, I am talking about a
combination of hex bits and extensions to R&R the intake manifold so I can
get to the distributor, since I can see very little of the dist. retaining
assembly even with the CHF reservoir conveniently out of the car. I have a
6mm hex bit that is 3/8" drive and the holes in IM are 1/4" sized only. So I
don't have a 3/8"M-1/4"F adapter. Other than the IM blocking access it looks
like a pretty easy "remove old distributor, install new distributor pointing
the exact same way" task. My buddy doesn't want to bring over tools, so I
guess I'll put the CHF res back in, cross fingers, fill it with green gold,
bleed brakes since I took loose the ABS-RF hardline, then drive to his shop.
Good thing it's not a daily driver.


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