Euro Headlight bulbs

Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Thu Dec 13 00:13:29 PST 2007

RE: Euro Headlight bulbs

I have played with H4 bulbs of all kinds for 15 years. The best I have found
are made by PIAA. They make a 55/65 that is slightly blue-ish, and has the
lumen output of a 100 without the need to put relays in. I have done the
relay upgrade and can draw a diagram if anyone is interested. I have run
100/110 bulbs, PIAA also recommended. They do not last as long, period. I
really like their yellow Ion crystal bulbs and lenses. Great fog/rain lamp

I no longer have a good priced source for PIAA gear. If anyone has found
one, please do let me know as I need a new pair of fogs.


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