Door won't open from inside or out

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Sounds like you might have too much tension on the Bowden cable from the
interior handle to the lock mech, or it caught on something when you opend
it the 1st time

Try removing the interior latch handle and having a "push pull" session on
the cable

Not sure about the 200, but on the golf, I can pull the door seal out and
see the latch mech. This might give you enough room to encourage movement on
the latch arm that goes over the door pillar post using something long and

BTW, which door is it?


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I don't know what I did as I was replacing the window regulator - now
working.  I put it
all back together and panel back on.  When I went to open the door, it won't
Tried it from the inside and it did the first time.  Now it won't open from
inside or
out.  So any tricks to getting these doors open without removing the panel,
since you
need to open the door to remove the panel?  

Car is a '91 200Q20V.


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