Wheel fitment for winter tires

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Sun Dec 16 12:34:08 PST 2007

Don't forget about the flat-faced V8 wheels that were stock on 1990 models.
They are the same dimensions as the 200q20v (and 91-up V8) BBS wheels.
Because they are so closed, I think it might give better protection for
winter use as well.  In addition, there are the urS-car winter package
wheels with were also the same dimensions.  I have a set and they do fit
over UFO's.  Both of these wheel choices are 15 so your snow tire choices
are more affordable.  I have used the same stock size winter tire
(215/60-15) for several years and had good results.  I was reluctant to go
down to 205/60's or 195/65's because of load rating, etc.  Next purchase I
thought I would try 205/65 to have a narrower contact patch, more sidewall
height for better impact absorption for those winter potholes (not to
mention marginally increased ground clearance).  Speedo error is 1% or less,
same as a 196/65 would be, just the other direction (speedo will read less
than actual speed with the larger size).  205/60's are about a 2% speedo


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>   I have had winter wheels for 2 200 20-v's. I have used 
> 92-95 s-4 speedlines over g-60s,  then switched cars to UFO. 
> The 16 inch wheels are big enough diameter but the caliper 
> interferes without spacers. The A-4 6 spoke wheels currently 
> on the car (45 offset) have 5mm hubcentric H&R spacers and 
> work great. 
>                Tom  
> I've shod my daughters and wife's car[s] with Blizzaks for 
> several  years  now 
> and I've just fought winter with my A/S's on OE  wheels and 
> AWD..........well, I'm tired of fighting and want a dedicated 
>  winter  wheel/tire. The UFO's are the main reason I haven't 
> done this earlier. Chris Miller's  site  
> has some listing of fit /no fit wheels, but it deals 
> primarily with 17"  wheels. 
>  There is a list of steel wheels [which would be fine] that 
> fit, but,  I've  
> had no luck finding them. So, I've been to Tirerack.com and they have
>   several 
> wheels that come up with 200q20v entered. One in particular 
> seems  right,  
> Borbet Type B, 15x7, 5-112, 35mm offset. Does anyone have any 
> knowledge  of this  
> or any wheel in 15" or 16" that will fit over the UFO's. I 
> figure I'll  wait and 
>  see if anyone knows, if not I'll order one wheel, see if it 
> fits, then  go 
> from  there.
> BTW, as soon as I get a dedicated winter package it will not snow for
>   weeks.
> It hasn't stopped snowing for more than a day or two here for 
> weeks,  coming  
> down in serious fashion now!!
> Bob 91 200q20v   Franklin, Wi
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