starter inconsistency

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Mon Dec 17 12:40:07 PST 2007

Before fixing the splice from battery to starter this was one of my symptoms.  Next time you may be able to push / pull the wire running along the frame rail through the firewall and see if that makes it want to start.

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Saturday a.m., when our ambient temperatures were in the low single
 digits, I went to start our 200q20v avant and only heard a click.  Sounded
 like the starter solenoid click.  So I had to take the wife's V8 to
 the ski hill because our spare V8 needs a new fuel line and our 200q20v
 has summer tires and no insurance because I've been planning to spend
 the winter working on the tired old (280K miles) suspension bits.  Today
 I'm getting ready to bumpstart the avant with a tractor so I could
 drive it onto my hoist to check on the starter wiring and/or pull the
 starter, and I was putting the key in the ignition so she can turn it on and
 let the clutch out as I'm pulling the car, and just decided to try it.
  Started right up.  Restarted a bit later OK too.  
  So is it the starter on its last legs or bad wiring?  Would the cold
 affect the wiring or is it more likely old, dried lube inside the
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