Audifans: We're hiring!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Dec 18 12:19:04 PST 2007

Figured that would be an attention-getter :-)

Huw Powell, Kent McLean, and John Devecka have been knowledgebase-editing
machines...though Kent's been busy lately fighting fires (unfortunately,
literally.  DOH!  Glad to see you've got a new one in the stable, Kent.) 
I've chipped in with a number of organizational edits, and I migrated
about a dozen articles from the old KB, and gave them varying degrees of

So things are moving, just far too slowly since there's only so many of us
actually contributing, and we only have so much time to dedicate to it. 
We need more volunteers!  We had a lot of initial interest back around
Thanksgiving, but the vast majority of the 30+ people that signed up for
the wiki mailing list never did anything after they were given an account.

I set up a page with a list of some ideas on areas which we need help.  We
have something for everyone, whether you're the "I have five free minutes,
need something short" to "I have nothing to do Sunday" :-)  There are a
couple of handy links there for quickly finding something that needs a bit
of lovin'.

This is a great chance to help shape what will become a great reference
for Audi owners worldwide.

Also, I'm looking for wiki "ambassadors" for each list.  Basically- you
commit to:

-Learn basic wikitext (what Wikipedia uses) and how to contribute edits,
make new pages, etc.

-Occasionally review articles related to your car

-Answer on-list questions by using articles in the knowledgebase.  If you
know how to answer the question but the answer isn't in the kb- add it to
the kb and then post to the list with a link.  This helps raise awareness
of the kb for current list members and those who come across posts in the
archives via Google.

-Recruit see something interesting/useful go by?  Tell the
author it'd go great in the knowledgebase!

-Answer kb-related questions on your list if you see them, or get the
person in touch with people that can help (myself, Huw, the wiki mailing
list, etc.)

Email me (off-list) if you are serious about helping; include your full
name in the email, and I'll create an account for you.  You can also sign
up for the wiki mailing list ( ) 
You need not contribute much- I don't care if you contribute once a week
or once a day as every little bit helps.  Just please don't ask for an
account and then do nothing...


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