Audifans: We're hiring!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Dec 19 09:02:47 PST 2007

> sorry!
> that would be:
> frank bauer.
> hardly hidden - it's in my 11 year old email address - no spaces though.
> this would be the same frank bauer that was posting on
> quattro at, before brett had a driver's license.
> driving and working on quattros for 23 years.
> 10 years developing web content management tools.
> that frank bauer.

I was posting on quattro at before I had a driver's license too.

What good does your knowledge and experience do us if you sit on your
hands while we're trying to get something going?  People complained
bitterly that the KB was missing.  Dan and I responded: set up a list for
collaboration, got the new software installed, found the old articles, set
up accounts for people, and answered questions and helped with moving
articles and improving them.

  Last Friday, I urged people to help out; I said that the task was too
large for just the few of us who were actively participating.  Nobody
said or did anything.

I apologized last night to those involved for losing my temper, and while
you've been busy griping, others have been busy contributing.  Ed
discovered it was easier than he thought and made some changes to the
Coupe GT article, and Cody converted over his clutch bleed article and
helped clean up the climate control diagnostics article.


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