rear wheel bearings help

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Sat Dec 22 15:03:06 PST 2007



Cheers for your speedy replies boys,


Looks like I picked up the wrong bearing this arvo.

I should be able to correct that 1st  thing Monday and get it rolling again


I have access to a slide hammer, a press and lift so that should go fairly


The car has 150k miles on it but had a bang on the corner opposite the dud
rear wheel bearing


I just had that pulled properly and the car realigned, so that might explain
the wear at the back if the car was a bit cock-eye.


FYI I have installed the Bernie Bar and have most of the bits for my version
of the Chuck Bar, post strut tower pull

I will put pics in the KB / Wiki as soon as I have finished, have time
(involving hiring 2 people to lessen the load), have leant the wiki markup
and have reregistered for the wiki list.

For now though, alea jacta est...


Thanks again and merry xmas to you and yours








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