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O.K. Bernie, I'll bite, how did you relubricate the bearings? (I lost the 
first at 160k,
the second at 200k and the third at 245k. I changed the last one at the same 
since I could not figure out how to grease it without removing the spindle 
from the hub.
Since I gave it to the machine shop to press made sense to give them 
a new
bearing to press in at the same time, and be done with all of them.)


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> So, did I guess correctly, are they the same bearing as used in the
> front?
> IME with fronts, a factory lubed bearing is planned for a life of
> 100K to 200K. A properly relubed bearing will last an additional 300
> to 400K.
> Merry Christmas!
> Bernie
> On Dec 22, 2007, at 2:29 PM, PeterBergin at wrote:
>> I had both my rears go out this year, one at 215k and one at 221k.
>> May have been related to a problem when I slipped in new rear pads
>> at 185k. The E brake stuck and both rotors got hot.  I also
>> replaced both on my old 5000 Avant somewhere over 200k,
>> Pete
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