Rear wheel bearings

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Sun Dec 23 08:15:58 PST 2007

Sort of like an aircraft taking off, quite often. RRrrRRrrRRrrRR......
sort of like that. Sometimes it's a bit more of a scraping noise, but
that seems to be only when they deteriorate quickly.

Tony Hoffman

On Dec 23, 2007 10:03 AM, Geraint Lloyd <geraintlloyd_qc at> wrote:
> For me it is a constant rumbling sound that gets slightly worse in corners
> where the bearing is on the outside.
> Also the ABS trips off when "really giving it some" in deep snow.
> When the arse end steps out the ABS trips off which I assume is the castle
> ring to sensor gap going out of spec
> Geraint
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> What are the most common sounds/indications of an impending rear wheel
> bearing failure?  I have just over 105K on my '91 20 valve 200 so
> hopefully there will be plenty of trouble-free miles, at least as far
> as the bearing issue.  I have had so many other problems over the
> years, even with a relatively low mileage car.  Latest issue was
> transmission braces.  However, my Audi is a keeper for me, since I
> bought it new.  Appreciate the help.
> Scott
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